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Claire Hamilton

Sadly, Claire passed away on 17 February 2017. She was an author and also a Creative Writing tutor. She ran courses in the Forest of Dean and Wye Valley.

She believed her 'hot narrative' approach provided a powerful key to unlocking individual creativity, and provided a basic structure for any narrative – from stories and novels to business presentations, or even wedding speeches.

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Claire's novel, I, A Child

Claire had worked long and hard at her own novel, I, A Child. It will be published on 23 March 2019.

I, A Child: the story

Artist Josie and her husband Will are having problems conceiving. When a strange child appears in her paintings, Josie feels compelled to pursue this vision rather than submit to fertility treatment. Tensions grow as Josie finds she is unable to express her intuition in words.

The couple embark on a painful and challenging journey, crossing paths with a mysterious Tarot reader whose profession Will despises, and an obsessive art student who pushes Josie beyond her limits. As all four lives are transformed, the phoenix of Josie’s creativity rises from the ashes.

I, A Child viscerally paints the breakdown of communication, the tension between intuition and logic, and the triumph of the creative vision.

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Hot Narrative

The power of story structure is beginning to be recognised. Shaping information into a story makes its impact many times greater than if it were conveyed in other forms. This is because a story fires the imagination and holds the attention of the reader. A story can initiate change subtly, easily and effectively.

But what is it that grabs us about some stories? Why do some stick in the mind more than others? Why are we transported by some narratives and not others? What is it that makes them ‘hot’?

The answer is - the stories that grab us are those that follow the five steps of narrative structure. For these five steps define the dramatic pattern that creates Hot Narrative. Using these steps makes all the difference between ‘hot’ and ‘cold’ writing. In fact, just following these five steps will lift you away from the dreaded Blank Page Blues and off into the excitement of a story.

Whether you are a complete beginner or someone who has written before, join one of my workshops or classes to find out more and discover how by following five easy steps you can master the elements of Hot Narrative.

Published books of stories by Claire's students

Sex and the Forest cover


If You Go Down to the Woods cover


Forest cover

Sex and the Forest: Surprising tales set in the Forest of Dean If You Go Down to the Woods: A Dean Witch Project – bewitching tales from Forest legends Forest: Fact and Fantasy – local history and legend brought to life
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