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Tales of the Celtic Bards

These myths were first told by the ancient bards who were the keepers of a 'Higher Knowledge', so they are shot through with symbolic meaning. Reading them takes us back to a time when the veil between the material and spirit worlds was considered very thin, when bards and shamans underwent an arduous training which, they believed, enabled them to pass freely between these worlds. They would not speak openly about what they saw, but instead encoded them into teasing riddle and tales, which are retold in this book.

O Books (John Hunt Publishing), paperback, 320pp; price UK £12.99, US $24.95 Accompanying 32-track CD available

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Written in the first person, these provocative and surprising renderings of Celtic tales take us on a challenging journey in which the twelve most ancient and extraordinary goddesses of the land reveal their light and dark faces. In bringing their symbolism to life for today they restore our earlier understanding of war, sex and death. Encounter the endurance of Branwen, the wit of Rhiannon, the daring of Medbh, the magic of Ceridwen, the testing of Arianrhod, the betrayal of Deirdre and the power of the Morrigan. Share the Goddess’ spiritual journey. Learn from her loves, her challenges, and how she triumphs through her pain. Travel with her and be ready to receive the gifts she has to offer.

O Books (John Hunt Publishing), pb, 320pp; price UK £12.99, US $16.47

The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations

This beautiful collection of prose and verse allows us to share Celtic wisdom and to appreciate the passing seasons through Celtic song, stories, meditations and myths.

Following the changing moods of the year, The Celtic Book of Seasonal Meditations includes: inspiring descriptions of the Celtic festivals; tales of warriors and lovers, goddesses and gods, maidens and crones; nature poems and elegies; insights into mysteries, and glittering glimpses of the Otherworld.

Rider, hardback, 288pp; price £9.99.

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Teach Yourself Understand Greek Myths (with Steve Eddy)

Ancient Greek myths shaped and were shaped by one of the most important culture in the history of the world. Even today, stories such as Oedipus, Narcissus, Odysseus and the Golden Fleece reverberate through our popular culture.

This is the ideal introduction to Greek myth. The opening chapter is a detailed background to Greek culture and mythology. The book then explores thirteen of the most important Greek myths, retelling them in modern English, and teasing out their meanings and cultural significance.

Celtic Myths and Legends

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Celtic Myths & Legends:
Storytelling & Music

‘Fantastical stories to fire the imagination and warm the heart!’ ‘A spellbinding and evocative combination of words and music.’

With a unique voice and superb narrative, Claire captures the very essence of these ancient tales from the Celtic tradition: Accompanied by the beautiful sound of the Celtic Harp, these are stories that will appeal to child and adult alike.


The Three Noble Strains: an ancient Irish tale of the magic harp of the Dagda, king of the faerie people
The Lady of Llyn y Fan Fach: a Welsh legend about a mysterious Lady of the Lake
Sir Gawain and the Lady Ragnell: a mediaeval Arthurian tale of bravery and romance

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